...Robust and
Transparent Analysis

Underwriting Services

We provide or provision for abbreviated "scratch & dent" reviews through "granular" underwriting & modelling of individual or pools of assets and loans

By employing insightful and rigorous analysis across the acquisition, holding, and divestiture phases we assist buyers to identify asset value that may have been inaccessible or overlooked by a vendor or competitive buyer, including:
  • Assessment of Target Asset Quality: Classes A, B, C
  • Market-Trend Outlooks
  • Capital-Reserve Confirmation
  • Rental Growth and Tenant Credit Reviews
  • Lease Abstractions and Occupier Analysis
  • Market Comparables
  • Value Property Collateral Valuation Analysis using ARGUS or Client Proprietary DCF Models
  • Documentation Coordination With Legal Advisory Teams

Portfolio Pulse

Neglecting lease administration can imbalance business plan economics and result in untimely transaction entry or exit delays that could otherwise be avoided.

We recognize the importance of lease management and the provision of this service to a third party and leverage our data-mining and diligence skills to enhance client lease management systems.

Value-Added benefits:

Identify contracts, lessees, and key obligation via lease abstractions, file & data tape reviews.

Build effective central control of documentation for asset management, purchasing, finance, CAPEx or other charges.

Model tenant/leasee, market concentration, tenant occupancy & credit exposures to identify, mitigate, and manage concentration risks.

Model costs, expenditures, and validate business plan economics.

Ad Hoc management reports initiating the process of renewal, extensions, adherence to turn-back or equipment removal clauses.

Maintain effective & scalable control of the lease management process and lowering non-value added administration charges

Underwriting transparency which quickly highlights portfolio value & compresses Buyer/Seller diligence campaigns - a competitive advantage.

Ensures data is accurate, timely and generates updates at regular or client predetermined intervals.

Costs of Lease Management Hub technology are quickly recovered many times over by resulting synergy - and quantifiable savings -- that it brings to the leasing enterprise, regardless of portfolio size.


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