Optimized Targeting

Asset Origination

Complex situations offer opportunities for us to assist acquisition efforts where attractive risk adjusted returns are anticipated due to short term but correctable asset conditions.

Our services minimize energies on unlikely target churn and offer solid performance for challenging, opportunistic engagements within the commercial real estate acquisition cycle, including:

  • Target Sourcing & Analysis
  • Data Room Reconnaissance
  • Modelling & Underwriting
  • Preparation of Presentations for Investment/Loan Committee
  • Preparation of Funding Compliance Action Plans
  • Pre & Post-closing Sustainability Management

Pre-Positioning and Organized Divestiture

Asset value can be preserved, recovered, or created through pre-positioning assets and impairments to maximize value preservation in the divestiture process.

By illuminating, mitigating, reallocating risk, pre-positioning opportunities exist in the asset preservation, workout, and restructuring process. We assist you prepare for, preserve, and maximize the value of a divestiture asset by increasing the transparency of economics and minimizing energies in preparation for bidder queries, including:

  • Preparation of Historical Documentation
  • Pre-underwriting to Evidence Economic Fundamentals and Accelerate Bidder Evaluation
  • Pre-foreclosure Positioning and Bid Valuation
  • Establishment of Environmental Credentials


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