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CMBS Pools, Loans, Workout & Recovery

UnderwritersTrust assists in the development of professional, third party, qualified private, non-banking related distressed and non-performing loan analysis and workouts.

We provide Buyers and Sellers of non-performing or distressed asset debt in the primary and secondary market a non-bank related, qualified loan analysis and management service, thus strengthening owner and bidder expectations in the NPL market.

We can prepare and implement client-proprietary loss mitigation and foreclosure strategies, policies, and procedures, which will enable holders of property-backed portfolios to balance effective credit loss strategies with occupancy preservation thus maintaining asset quality and reduced operating costs.

And, we can identify controllable credit losses via economically viable workouts, and target prudent cost-effective foreclosure/bankruptcy timelines that minimize administrative costs.

For Buyers

Our practitioners assist Buyers understand and manage, in a controlled manner, the acquisition process on a broad range of pools.

We can prepare cash flow modelling and projections that facilitate pricing certainty within a given set of constraints including competitive auction-driven campaigns.  We assist Buyers to underwrite individual or multiple loan pools, analyze cash streams through capital & bondholder stacks, and approximate bid-discounting and resulting yields to an investor.

We can expedite initial "scratch & dent" reviews using aggregated values and control variables, prepare granular analysis to the asset tenant level to determine lease-up & retenanting costs, and execute "what if" borrower fall-over and loan-to-REO conversion scenarios for the underlying real estate.


UnderwritersTrust LLP & Ltd are registered in England Wales at Company's House with registrations OC327878 and 06223213. Our Dunn & Bradstreet number is 846 959 286


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